Swingin’ Songs from Pop’s Golden Era (tm)


Razzemetazz (tm)


Swing, Tin Pan Alley, Dixieland, Bluegrass, 50s Rock, and more




This acoustic group plays a wide and tasty range of rootsy and exuberant American popular music. It’s all great to listen and fun to dance to! From festivals to private parties, Razzemetazz’s fresh sounding repertoire goes with everything!


Call for details (847) 864–1022 between 10 AM and 10 PM C.S.T.

Razzemetazz is respectful of tradition, but there is no “cutesy”-ness nor nostalgia here. The intensity and vitality of this living music flowers in these veteran players’ experienced hands.




The color of their energetic sound is like their taste in repertoire: sweet and melodic yet personal and powerful. A singing violin weaves around a powerful vocal, all over a driving swing rhythm guitar and drum set. The next tune can feature mandolin on a swung Bluegrass song with twangy vocals.


For private parties, Beatles songs and 50s acoustic rock is also available.


Flexible and affordable


We fit the band’s size to your budget, needs, and interests. The band can be as small as a trio (a duet is sometimes possible) or as large as a mini big band by adding to the core duet drums, acoustic bass / tuba, trombone, and second guitar. Contact us today to discuss your plans!


Dance instruction


To get your guests to get into the swing we offer free, basic couple dance instruction on the spot in (swing, tango, foxtrot, waltz, and polka)


Private Wedding dance instruction available


For couples who want to learn how to do basic, ballroom style couple dances, especially for their first dance, we offer private tutoring at very reasonable prices taught by a husband – wife dance instructor team who make dancing easy for everyone.


Sample music


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  • 12th St Rag

    Dixieland tune / Quintet

  • T’ain’t Whatcha Do

    Swing hit / Quintet

  • Rosetta

    Tin Pan Alley / Trio

  • Heart and Soul

    Foxtrot / Quintet

  • Rosetta

    Tin Pan Alley / Quintet

  • 12th St Rag

    Dixieland tune / Trio


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12th St Rag

Dixieland / Quintet

T’ain’t Whatcha Do

Swing hit / Quintet


Tin Pan Alley / Trio

Heart and Soul

Foxtrot / Quintet


Tin Pan Alley / Quintet

12th St Rag

Dixieland / Trio


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If none of these delivery methods works, please contact us so that we can discuss other options.


Image of Razzemetazz as a trio.

“[Their] music is exciting, and listeners will find it hard to keep from leaping up to dance.” — Natalie Wainwright, Arts & Life reviewer, Round Table


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