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A unique French language music program by Jutta & the Hi-Dukes

With everything from Medieval to French Canadian songs to Edith Piaf-style Cabaret “Chansons”, this wide-ranging program will add sparkle and fun to your concert series, festival, party, or Bastille Day event.

Diverse repertoire

With Celtic-sounding French Canadian dance tunes juxtaposed with Medieval and folklorique songs as well as the more recent “Chansons”, this eclectic and fresh program surprises and pleases everyone from the Francophile to the casual listener.

When the setting allows for it, the band loves to get folks directly involved with the music. Audience members are invited to play percussion with the band, do fun yet simple traditional folk dances led by the band, as well as to sing along.

Please note that, upon request, the band can also present a fine array of classic American Big-Band style dance songs, 50s acoustic rock songs, as well as dance music from other European ethnic traditions.

Still life of some of the instruments played by Les Beaux Chemins: Mandolin, Guitar, Darabuka, Tupan, and Kaval (end-blown flute).
Some of the instruments played by Les Beaux Chemins: Mandolin, Guitar, Darabuka, Tupan, and Kaval (end-blown flute). Not pictured: Violin and Ocarina.

Versatile sounds

Mandolin and guitar can be used on one song followed by violin or flute, guitar, and darabouka on the next. Two-part harmonies add to the groups color.

And that is just the duet. When a larger band is requested, acoustic bass, rhythm guitar, tenor saxophone, and extra percussion.

Dance instruction can also be provided. The core band members have taught traditional dances for nearly thirty years at private parties, folk festivals, schools, universities, and corporate events.

Audio Recordings

  • Marins de Groix
    French Canadian folk song / Trio
  • La Fontaine
    French Canadian folk song / Quintet
  • Je Suis Allé Á Marsaille
    Old folk song / Trio
  • Hanter Dro
    Bretagnese-Celtic folk song / Trio

Folks say…

Thank you so much for the great sessions today. I heard only positive feedback from many students and colleagues. You did exactly what I had in mind and I am grateful for the wonderful pieces that you chose. As always, I was amazed by the beautiful sounds of your instruments. … I hope to have you back soon at North Shore. All the best et encore mille fois merci!” Anne-Marie, French instructor, North Shore Country Day School

Flexible and affordable

We are happy to customize our programs to fit your interests and to adjust the bands size to your budget and needs.

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