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Greek music beyond boundaries — Remb­etica, Laïki, Demotiki, Eipir­otika, and more…

Old style, acoustic Greek dance music for all occasions! Do the syrtos to classic songs like “Apo Tin Athena” and the tsam­ikos to favorite songs like “Itia.” Whatever the tune, this energetic band will move your soul (and soles) as they dance you back down the path to the world of your “Yiayia”!

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Diverse repertoire

From Eipiros in the north to the islands in the south, this band goes beyond the boundaries of any one specific style, time period, or region. The groups play list includes selections from the powerful Rembe­tika, melodic Laïki, enchanting Demotiki, and hypnotic Eipiro­tikan traditions.

For private parties, Big Band Swing and other American music styles are available including foxtrot, cha cha, tango, and waltz, as well as 50s acoustic rock and Beatles songs.

Still life of some of the instruments played by Terran’s Greek Band: Mandolin, Guitar, Darabuka, Tupan, and Kaval (end-blown flute).
Some of the instruments played by Terrans Greek Band: Mandolin, Guitar, Dara­buka, Tupan, and Kaval (end-blown flute). Not pictured: Violin and Baglama (small stringed instrument).

Versa­tile sound

Mandolin or baglama, guitar, and dauli can be used on one song followed by violin or flute, guitar, and doum­beleki on the next. Of course, vocals are a must in Greek music, so two-part harmonies add to the groups color.

And that is just the duet. When a larger band is requested, acoustic bass, rhythm guitar, extra percussion, and oud can be added.

Dance instruction can also be provided. The core band members have taught traditional Greek dances for nearly thirty years at private parties, folk festivals, schools, universities, and corporate events.

Hellenic Museum letter of reference to Terran’s Greek Band.
Hellenic Museum letter of reference to Terrans Greek Band.

Rooted in tradition

The group is at home performing for both the Greek community and the world at large. Performances include Chicagos Taste of Greece Festival on Halsted Street, The Hellenic Museum of Chicago, and the Hellenic Organization of Chicago.

Based upon its experience as the house band at Long Groves Long Grove Cafe and Evanstons Panos Greek Restaurant, it is safe to say the band inspires both Greeks and non-Greeks into dancing in the aisles, exclaiming “Opaa!”

Terran’s Greek Band in concert, University of Missouri, St. Louis
Terrans Greek Band in concert, University of Missouri, St. Louis

Folks say…

…such a wonderful show! Not only was your performance entertaining, but also informative and instructive, which is what we were hoping for in a university environment. … everybody had a wonderful time. Thank you again for a great show!” Michael B. Cosmopoulos, Ph.D., Fellow, Academy of Science St. Louis, Professor of Archaeology, The Hellenic Government-Karakas Foundation Professor in Greek Studies, Department of Anthropology, University of Missouri

I am not exaggerating or giving empty words when I say your performance was my favorite ever.” Ashleah White, Reporter for The Current, University of Missouri – St. Louis, Nov. 28th, 2015

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Flexible and affordable

We fit the bands size to your budget, needs, and interests.

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