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Swingin’ Songs from Pops Golden Era Swing, Tin Pan Alley, Dixieland, Bluegrass, 50s Rock, and more…

This is an acoustic, exhuberant, loving exploration of American pop music. The bands lyric-driven and rhythmic rootsy-style approach means you won’t hear a single complex chord in the bands decidedly eclectic repertoire of Swing, Tin Pan Alley, Bluegrass, Country, and 1950s rock songs spiced with a sprinkling of Dixieland tunes.

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Rootsy affection

Razzemetazz is respectful of tradition, but there is no “cutesy”-ness nor nostalgia here. The intensity and vitality of this living music flowers in these veteran players’ experienced hands.

Its all great to listen to and fun to dance to! From festivals and parades to private parties and corporate events, Razzemetazzs fresh sounding repertoire goes with everything!

The color of their energetic sound is like their taste in repertoire: sweet and melodic yet personal and powerful. One song can feature mandolin on a swung Bluegrass song with twangy vocals, the next tune a flute riding on a guitars groove. The trios truly one-of-a-kind instrumentation is mandolin, Bulgarian flute, two acoustic guitars, percussion, and three singing voices.

Additional instrumentation / players can include: Acoustic Bass, Saxophone, Rhythm Guitar, and Percussion.

Whatever its sound, every number grabs your attention, gets your feet tapping, urging you to dance. (And the groups musicians are all dancers so, when the situation allows for it, they jump off the stage to lead folks through dances like the “Tennessee Wig Walk” and the “Jiffy Mixer”.)

For private parties, Beatles songs are also available.

Dance instruction at your party

To get your guests to get into the swing we offer free, basic couple dance instruction on the spot in swing, tango, foxtrot, waltz, and polka.

Private wedding dance instruction available

For couples who want to learn how to do basic, ballroom style couple dances, especially for their first dance, we offer private tutoring at very reasonable prices taught by a husband – wife dance instructor team who make dancing easy for everyone.

Razzemetazz as a septet in parade line-up.
Razzemetazz actually WALKS in parades!

Parades for July 4th, etc.

American music is always a great choice for Fourth of July parades and Razzemetazz offers a wide range of classic favorites. The fact that the band actually WALKS and directly interacts with folks watching the parade is why the Highland Park, IL parade has had the band kick off their parade for over fifteen times! Any parade, be it for Memorial Day, Labor Day, or just for fun, will be livened up by this fun marching group.

Adaptible and afford­able

We fit the bands size to your budget, needs, and interests.

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