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The Flying Fish Records label presents

The Jazziest Balkan Dance Band Around

The 1983 N.A.I.R.D. award-winning LP by the Balkan Rhythm Band in the original shrinkwrapping



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Front cover of “The Jazziest Balkan Dance Band Around LP,” FF314.

“Congratulations! You are now, or are about to become, the proud owner of the first album by the best Balkan-style jazz band in America.

“Of course, they are the only Balkan-style jazz band in America, but this does not detract from the wisdom of your purchase. Where else can you hear the sounds of eastern Europe swing American? The wavelike rhythms of a ruchenica with a rifftide solo sailing above? Where else can you find — all in the same band — singers, saxists, the plaintive cry of the kaval, the insistent hammering of a darabuka, and ‘Night in Tunisia’ played in oddly-accented 7/8 time?

“The Balkan Rhythm Band has all this, and more …” — Neil Tesser, Jazz DJ, WBEZ Radio Chicago

(To read the liner notes in their totality, click here!)

Back cover of “The Jazziest Balkan Dance Band Around LP,” FF314.
Back cover

“So how did these guys get so good at music that sounds like it would be impossible?” — Neil Tesser, Jazz critic, Chicago Reader

(To read the full Chicago Reader newspaper review, click here!)

“Shote For Esma And Stevo”

This video was made using a track, “Shote For Esma And Stevo,” from “The Jazziest Balkan Dance Band Around” LP, in all its seven-piece band glory, as the video’s sound track! This tune was written by Terran Doehrer, the bands founder and leader.


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